The JHI Story


Tau Films and JHI- A Storied Alliance:

The Tau Films/John Hughes Institute (JHI) alliance is a global coalition of an Animation/VFX studio and an academy (with locations in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, and Vancouver), offering courses in virtual and/or hybrid formats.

John Hughes is the co-founder/President of Tau Films and of JHI. In 1987, he co-founded Rhythm & Hues (R&H), an Animation and VFX house that received 3 Academy Awards for Best VFX in 1995, 2008, and 2013. JHI is Tau’s sister-company, with a mission to realize John Hughes' vision of educating artists, production, and technical staff in locations where Tau Films/JHI has a presence, and to  serve the global animation and VFX community.

Our Roots:

Since 2007, JHI and its preceding entity, Rhythm & Hues University/RHU (2007-2012), have been building communities of VFX artists/production/pipeline staff in global locations (e.g., Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing). "Building communities of Animation & VFX professionals" is the core tenet of John Hughes, the founder of Tau Films, JHI, and Rhythm & Hues (R&H). Our faculty has a combined knowledge of over 40 years of animation, SFX, and VFX.

The JHI Edge-The P’s and Q’s of Production Quality:

  • JHI’s sister company, Tau Films, recruits qualified JHI program graduates/artists for VFX work on feature films and commercials. These recruits are not mandated by JHI to work for Tau Films, but choose Tau Films due to the nature of the projects and related potential for career advancement.
  • A majority of JHI faculty are Tau Films Leads/Supervisors and they often end up being the supervisors of the new recruits in Animation & VFX projects, thereby continuing the learning and exchange process.
  • JHI primarily uses production rigs/assets/elements derived from Tau Films productions that are battle-tested in production and gives the students an opportunity to explore layers of complexity involved in production to match production quality.

The JHI Edge-Train the Trainer:

JHI creates bespoke curricula based on specific needs of certificate/diploma programs/master classes for faculty and industry professionals. This gives institutions the flexibility to respond to immediate changes in technology and workflows in the workplace and participate in Train-the-Trainer/Faculty Education programs.

The JHI Edge-Learning as Continuum:

JHI works with production studios and local government agencies (e.g., Method Studios, MDEC) to develop their on- boarding and workforce development/upskilling programs for new hires and industry professionals. The knowledge we cull from our existing productions is injected back into the curriculum design for certificate/diploma/master classes for professionals.