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Collaborative e-learning
Collaborative e-learning

TXR 101: Texturing Fundamentals in Photoshop (30 hrs.)

A hands-on exploration of the principles and techniques of texture asset creation using reference and procedural tools. The concept of UV mapping and production workflows of common texture maps — diffuse, bump, specular, etc — are covered to produce a set of texture assets for hard-surface and organic models.

Software used: Photoshop

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of the Photoshop interface, STL 110 or equivalent

Formats Offered: O, R, H

TXR 102: Intermediate Topics in Texturing Using Mari (60 hrs.)

This course will make you familiar with the requirements of textures for feature-level hard-surface and organic models and the workflows necessary to meet those requirements. You will texture an object to mid-level film specifications, with proper attention paid to photorealism, overall look and level of detail. The course will cover such key topics in the Mari workflow and how to build your texture libraries. As a final project, you will set up and render a textured turntable of your completed model.

Software used: Mari

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of the Mari interface, STL 150 or equivalent

Formats Offered: O, R, H