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PMT 100: Introduction to Production Pipeline (15 hrs.)

A demo/lecture covering the stages of the production pipeline for animation and VFX with multimedia examples. An in-depth discussion with Q&A, gives you a closer look at the production needs and requirements of each stage in a production pipeline.

Prerequisites: None

Formats Offered: O, R, H

PMT 200: Global Production Models (15 hrs.)

A survey/demo/lecture exploration of the structure of multi-location, global production studios. This course also involves an in-depth study into global production management tools and techniques for collaboration, communication and the key role of production managers and coordinators in global production teams.

Software used: MS Excel, MS Projects, Filemaker

Prerequisites: PMT 100

Formats Offered: O, R, H

PMT 300: Project Management for Production (30 hrs.)

A hands-on exploration of the project management techniques and tools available for production managers and coordinators. A study of the production planning, bidding, tracking, and scheduling processes for animation and VFX production.

Software used: MS Excel, MS Projects, Filemaker (optional, Shotgun)

Prerequisites: PMT 100, PMT 200

Formats Offered: O, R, H