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Create, connect, and collaborate globally
Create, connect, and collaborate globally

LGT 101: Color Theory (7.5 hrs)

An introduction to the principles of color theory and its application to visual design and visual storytelling. The demo/lecture/hands-on course also covers the principles of color correction, calibration, and presentation in a digital production pipeline for animation, VFX, commercials, games, and themed entertainment.

Software used: Photoshop

Prerequisites: None

Formats Offered: O, R, H

LGT 110: Lighting Fundamentals in Maya and Mental Ray (30 hrs.)

Using a Maya / Mental Ray pipeline, you will light and render several 3D assets using the principles and techniques of digital set lighting. You will become familiar with the key steps of the lighting workflow and rendering in layers leading up to a final image / sequence of images.

Software used: Maya/Mental Ray

Prerequisites: STL 100, LGT 101, or equivalent

Formats Offered: O, R, H