“Discover the art and science of entertainment…in the entertainment capital of the world”

About JHI@LA

The JHI@LA program brings your learning experience to Los Angeles, California, home to the world’s largest movie-production facilities, commercial houses, game studios, and theme parks. This highly-selective program covers fundamental, intermediate, and advanced topics in animation and VFX combined with an unforgettable Southern-California experience. Final your shots in the morning, surf the waves of Santa Monica Bay in the afternoon, and top your day with dinner and a symphony at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

About Our Venue

The JHI@LA program is hosted in Los Angeles by Studio Arts, a JHI media partner. Studio Arts is Hollywood’s leading training center for the Los Angeles-area film, television, graphics, games and toy production scene. Set in an intimate, comfortable environment in the historic Los Angeles River Center and Gardens, this facility is for those seeking to develop competitive technical skills for entertainment work. Studio Arts instruction is delivered using only the latest software and hardware — from entry-level to advanced courses – and is provided solely by industry pros who actively work in their fields.

About the JHI@LA Programs

Based on the needs of the participants, the JHI@LA programs are offered on-site in Los Angeles in two options:

  • 4-week intensive hands-on workshops
  • 2-week, fastrack, hands-on workshops

Due to the intensive nature of the both program options (2-week and 4-week), each class is limited to 16 participants only. Since the workshops incorporate craft-based workflow instruction, all participants are expected to have a basic familiarity with the software applications being used to teach the craft for the workflows. There are prerequisites for each workshop. Please review the prerequisites before enrolling for a program option

The following table details our listing for our upcoming 4-week intensive workshops only.

Periods of Offering Program options Description/Prerequisite Topic 
April – June 2014  4-week
  • This hands-on workshop/class introduces the Fundamentals of motion to Animation and VFX professionals using Autodesk’s Maya.
  • Prerequisite: You need to have basic knowledge of Maya and substantial experience within the area of digital media arts
Animation Fundamentals workflow
April-June 2014 4-week
  • This hands-on workshop covers the workflow for  modeling and texturing for hard-surfaces and organic models using Autodesk’s Maya and Foundry’s Mari.
  • Prerequisite: You need to have a basic knowledge of Maya and familiarity with 2-D and 3-D principles
Modeling and Texturing workflow
May – June 2014 4-week
  • This workshop covers the lighting to compositing shot workflow for all CG- and live action/VFX projects using Autodesk’s Maya and the Foundry’s Nuke.
  • Prerequisite: You need to have a basic knowledge of Maya and Nuke and familiarity with 2-D and 3-D principles
Lighting and Compositing